Tyga Disses Kylie Jenner After She Flaunts Travis Scott Romance


Their romance is still in it’s early stages.  And Kylie Jenner and her new beau Travis Scott couldn’t take their eyes off of each other during an intimate evening stroll in Miami on Sunday.

Yikes! Fans were shading Kylie Jenner and her new rapper beau Travis Scott on Instagram on May 31, and her ex Tyga stepped in to show his support for the haters! See the vicious comment he ‘liked’ about the couple.

Tyga, 27, seems to be harboring some resentment towards his ex Kylie Jenner, 19, and fellow rapper Travis Scott, 25. The cute new couple was photographed hanging out on May 30, and when the “Rack City” performer noticed that some fans were mocking them on Instagram, he just HAD to join in! One fan commented “let her know she DON’T got the juice lol,” and Tyga smashed that “like” button. It may be subtle, but it’s still shade.

If you’re not familiar, “the juice” either refers to a certain magnetism a man can have to women, or just being awesome in general. It’s unclear if the comment was meant to diss Kylie or her man, but either way, it’s definitely insinuating that Tyga is better, and he seems to agree. Tyga wants his old girl back, but she’s happier than ever with Travis. Whether or not he has “the juice,” he’s still much more loyal and loving that Tyga was, and Kylizzle is all about it!