Sonam Kapoor on nepotism row: Sanjay Leela Bhansali had no idea that I was Anil Kapoor’s daughter when he cast me for Saawariya


Sonam Kapoor feels that Filmmaking is a business and in this business, if you don’t do well, you won’t get cast. She says, People have to make money at the end of the day. First of all, saying Karan Johar endorses nepotism is bull****! That’s a ridiculous comment and let’s just say that I am really entertained by Kangana Ranaut (laughs). I read every interview of hers. I don’t know anybody who speaks like that. And whatever… she has an opinion, dude! That’s her opinion and I may not agree with it, but I think Karan gives a lot of opportunities to a lot of people and to accuse him of that is unfair. But I believe nepotism does exist in the world in general.”

Speaking about herself, Sonam continues, ”I wouldn’t have existed for 10 years in the film industry on the merit of being Anil Kapoor’s daughter. I know my lines, I can deliver and cry on cue, etc. That’s why my directors want to work with me over and over again. It’s practicality and not because the maker used to love Anil Kapoor as a child and now he wants to cast his daughter, even though she’s a s*** actress. Also, none of the directors I have worked with have worked with my father. Rakeysh Mehra is working with my father now — after I have given him an in (laughs). Reverse nepotism! Now he knows my dad because of me (laughs). It’s not true about nepotism. I had auditioned for Delhi-6 and my films with Aditya Chopra. It doesn’t work that way.”