Shah Rukh Khan-AbRam’s pictures from Kolkata Knight Riders’ 



Kolkata Knight Riders’ matches in the IPL are a delight to watch and not only because the team is known for thrilling finishes! The team is owned by the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, and the star makes it a point to be present for as many matches his team plays as he can. The bonus is that, when he is present on the stands, he is often accompanied by the cute AbRam. At just three years of age, Young Mr Khan has a fan following that is as good as any Bollywood celeb’s. Last night, he was spotted hanging out with this dad at an event. It was the 10th anniversary of KKR, and a party was held in Kolkata. SRK’s date for the evening was the little cutie and adorable pictures of them are going viral.

In the past, during KKR matches, we have seen AbRam play with bottles on the ground, he was also spotted playing with water, playing tag and sword-fighting with Parineeti. And in the latest pictures, he is being his usual cute self, perched atop daddy’s lap, lost in his own world. We wonder as to what he was thinking! In one of the pictures he is seen playing with an orchid, and seriously, it is the cutest pic you will see today. In the second picture we see SRK playfully pulling Abram’s ears, as her stares at what’s happening in front of him. Don’t miss that dad Shah Rukh has his hair dyed to match the natural golden brown hair of his son.