Raees movie review: Shah Rukh Khan is straining hard to fulfill every single gangster trope but it is Nawazuddin Siddiqui who actually done.


Shah Rukh Khan returns in and as Raees, a golden hearted mobster who does bad things for a good cause. It is a role constructed to grab back his pole position, and to that end Shah Rukh Khan strains at fulfilling every single point of the In and As trope. He sings and dances, he fights and romances: he also tries to fulfill the outlines of a character.

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SRK’s romantic interest, Mahira Khan, too is not as fresh as she could have been: the coyness is old Bollywood and in a film which should have embraced its masala roots much more firmly, it just sinks. So does item girl Sunny Leone, who shakes it, shakes it, but raises zero steam.


A Nawaz who is having the time of his life, and making us crack multiple grins, up against an SRK who breaks through in some moments but gets bogged down in florid, seen-too-many-times flourishes in the rest.