Parineeti defends herself after being slammed by a school friend


Parineeti Chopra clarifies her part of the story after her school friend slammed the actress for painting a sob story of her childhood…

A few days ago, Parineeti Chopras school friend, Kkanoo Gupta, slammed the actress for painting a sob story of her childhood during a promotional event.The guy took to Twitter to slam the actress and tweeted, “Parineeti Chopra shame.

Coming from a privileged background and lying through the teeth in front of camera. I guess this is what being a celebrity means. Create a fabricated sob story of no money no car etc etc. Coming from the same school I probably also remember the car her father used to have. And going to school on a cycle was a trend those days and also a privilege not every one had. My friends from CJM would probably understand the lies a bit better.

He posted a video of the whole incident too, however Parineeti has defended her story and mentioned how everything has been misconstrued. This is what Parineeti wrote against her misconstrued ‘sob story’?

The Meri Pyaari Bindu  actress posted her official statement on Twitter, which read as, “Hi Everyone, I think what I said at a martial arts event a few days ago has been misconstrued in some places, so I would like to take a moment and clarify what I mean. As long as I was in school in Ambala, my brothers and I did not have access to a car and driver to take us to school, so they took the bus and I cycled. My dad followed close behind me to ensure I reached school safely. My dad did have a car that he used for his office work but we kids did not use it for school travel. As a child I hated going on a cycle! But today I understand that he was doing it to make me independent and keep me safe.”