‘Pakeezah’ actress Geeta Kapoor abandoned by son


Geeta Kapoor, who served as a junior artiste in Kamal Amarohi’s 1972 cult film Pakeezah, has alleged elder abuse against her son and choreographer Raja.

According to the reports Raja admitted her to the SRV Hospital in Goregaon, Mumbai on 21 April but never came back to receive or tend to his ailing mother.

The considerate nature of doctor reveals about the pre planned drama of Raja that how he get her to us, lying about him being an army officer and she needing urgent treatment. He was asked to pay a deposit and complete the formalities. He rushed saying that he don’t have enough cash so he would be getting it from the nearest  ATM, but he never returned. We  had no option but to start the treatment as her condition was becoming worse.


The same report states that Geeta was suffering from extremely low blood pressure. As Raja used to beat her up as she did not approve of his philandering ways. He would give her food once in four days, and sometimes, even lock her up for several days, because she was not ready to go to an old age home . He deliberately kept me hungry and she fell ill. Then, he planned all this so that he could admit her and fled away.

It has been over a mont  nor the children or the relatives came to meet her. There are no signs of other members as well, including her daughter Pooja who is an air-hostess.

Geeta is going through the most difficult phase of life where the parents expect their children to look after   them. Geeta is battling with herself but and even going under depression as the hospital has gone over 1.5 lakh

A renowned Film producer Ramesh Taurani has come forward to pay the dues. Which shows there are still some people left with humanity and  kindness in their hearts.