Nowadays superstar Diljit Dosanjh is busy doing super promotion of his upcoming  film “Super Sigh”


Diljit Dosanjh is geared up to play a superhero in his upcoming film Super Singh which is going to be release on june 16th. but the Punjabi star says it was difficult to find producers to back the ambitious project. After Bollywood and hollywood having enhanced  on the popularity of superhero films, Punjabi cinema too seems to have been bitten by this bug. Super Singh touted as the first Punjabi superhero film, marks the fourth collaboration of director Anurag Singh and Diljit. The actor-director duo has given Punjabi cinema’s biggest hits like Jatt and Juliet series and Punjab 1984. For their upcoming film, Diljit and Anurag had to struggle to find producers.

“We were planning to do a superhero film for the last five years. But these movies are expensive and we weren’t getting a producer who would invest such an huge amount money. We roamed around and searched for producers for one-and-a-half years, but no luck. But thanks to Balaji Motion Pictures, they approved it,” Diljit, 33, told During the promotion.

Diljit has generally appeared in positive roles but says he is open to do grey and negative characters too. His next Bollywood project could be a biopic. “I’m scared about it. I will have to prepare for the film for one-two months – that’s something I haven’t done before.”

The Punjab’s  first Superhero film Super Singh releases on the Super date of  June 16th.


During the Promotion Of “Super Singh” he met a lot of fans, he loves his fans unconditionally. wonder to know that one of his  fan has learnt Punjabi from Diljit’s Movie, and he speaks Punjabi so fluently . after hear in Punjabi  from his fan for appreciation he also made a video and posted it on his instagram account you can watch this video :-

After that he make video from his mobile phone and post on his instagram with cute tagline:-

#SuperSingh #16June LOVE MY FANS 🙏 RESPECT ✊

#SuperSingh #16June LOVE MY FANS 🙏 RESPECT ✊

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Being this the first ever super hero film of Punjab Diljit says that he is inspired by shaktiman. The film tends to be a “comedy cum super hero film” , just like most of the films made by Anurag Singh and Diljit Dosanjh the film has been shooted in Canada Sonam Bajwa who has also worked with Diljit in Punjab 1984 & Sardar ji-2 has played a marvellous role in the film by acting with the super star of Punjab. Sonam plays role of Diljits child hood friend and also teases her where as Diljit also dose not leave  a chance to tount her. The film romes around the cute chemistry of Sonam and Diljit and their weding which can be seen in song kaliyan kuliyan of the super movie. When it comes to songs the film has given some marvellous super hits which includes

  • KaliyanKuliyan
  • Hogayatali
  • Glorious gallan
  • Hava vich
  • And the super singh title track

Diljit,  Sonam and Anurag  hope the film comes out as a super hit as it should also attract Hindi viewer as the film has got subtitles too. This was all about the super film “Super Singh” by desitubetv.