Most Expensive Bollywood Movies of All Time

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Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo
Although, this movie came out to be a disappointment for the youngster population, but it did fairly well on the box-office. It owes its profits to Suraj Barjatya image in Bollywood. Surprisingly, this clichéd Suraj Barjatya family earned the whopping profits of 100 crores in just 2 days! Clearly enough, it garnered more than the production house invested.

Dhoom 3
Dhoom 3 managed to be the most expensive movie of all times till Baahubali defeated it in the league. It was also the first Bollywood movie to be released in the IMAX motion picture format and Dolby Atmos surround sound. The cost of production was 125 crores and it made the earning of 524 crores worldwide. The investment quadrupled itself with its release. It broke the record of Chennai Express and Krrish 3 for its 1st-day collection.

 Happy New Year
This movie came to be a disappointment for the Shahrukh Khan fans worldwide. They were expecting some weight in the storyline and plot. Though the movie was fully entertaining and fun-packed. It was produced using the whopping amount of 150 crores. However, it managed to get the twice of it back. It was a super-hit if the profits were to be concerned.

It could have been the most expensive movie in Bollywood if it wasn’t defeated by Dhoom and Baahubali. The budget of 125 crores made it the costliest movie of its time. Majority of the budget was utilized by the special VFX and special effects. The production of the movie was so lengthy that it took a lot of time to hit the screens. This movie didn’t do well as per the critic’s point of view. Though, it earned a fair share of the money.

The third installation of the Krrish Trilogy is one of the most expensive movies of all times. The budget of the movie was 115 crores. This movie was set to be released in 3D. But a shortage of time kept it restrained to 2D only. It is also one of the fastest movies to enter the 200 Cr. Club. It managed to rake in 255 crores worldwide which is more than the twice of investment it made. It was said that Krissh 3’s cost of production was 3 percent less than any Hollywood superhero movie.

My Name is Khan
This movie bore the brunt of Shiv Sena maniacal ban, but still, it managed to do good business. The total investment of the movie was 102 crores which was more than enough for the time it has released. The revenue it generated was although good but very less as compared to the investment it made. Had it been not troubled by Shiv Sena, this movie could have done a lot better.

If we go back to 1960s, the budget of 1.5 crores is more than imaginable. It is one of the costliest movies of its times. It was a cinematic grandeur in every sense. Most of the cost of production was utilized by the sets and the lighting. It spent 15 years straight in Bollywood as the highest grossing movie till Sholay showed up. It remained the most expensive movie in Bollywood for up to two decades, owing to its elaborate sets and costumes. If this movie was to be made today, it would have cost 40 crores or more!