Meghan Markle Has Huge Doubts About Marrying Prince Harry – Here’s Why!


According to our reports, the American actress and possible future royal is “torn” about whether or not her love for Prince Harry is enough to leave her life behind for him. While the wedding is more certain than ever, the future bride has more doubts!
Sources close to the couple have revealed that Meghan is close to announcing her engagement officially, but she is getting cold feet already.

What makes her doubt the decision to leave behind Hollywood and marry Harry is apparently the fact that Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels have pitched Markle a number of leading role scripts that are guaranteed to turn her into a superstar.  “Meghan knows there is no going back once the engagement is announced, so to have these incredible scripts land on her plate has really upset the apple cart,” the source explained, adding that “She has worked all her life trying to succeed as an actress and getting these plum roles offered to her has unsettled things.”

As fans of the Royal family definitely know already, Prince Harry and the Suits actress have been slowly making their relationship more public.

They were spotted most recently at Pippa Middleton’s wedding reception and previously at another wedding of one of Harry’s close pals.

Despite the fact that everything is going great between them and they seem very much in love, “Meghan is very intimidated by Harry’s world and the responsibility she will have,” the source revealed.


We don’t blame her! The Royal ways are quite limiting to one’s career.

“She knows this is her last chance to finally commit to a life path and she is incredibly torn.”