Bigg Boss 10: Manveer is the last man standing despite all odds


All the contestants wake up to the tunes of “Apni Jeet ho unki haar han”. Mona and Vikrant are seen in the secret room. Bigg Boss ask Vikrant to leave the house, after listening to which Mona and other contestants bid farewell to Vikrant. Mona tells Manveer that after getting married she is feeling more responsible as she feels that she should not wear western dresses anymore. Manu and Mona have a healthy discussion on their relationship as friends. He says that people should understand that Mona and Manu are ‘just friends’. Just after this, Bani announces a task in which contestants are divided into Team Rohan and Team Manu. Team Rohan starts strategizing about what they will throw on team contestants belonging to Team Manu. Lopa, Manu and Manveer will be tied to a bungee rope and they are required to hold on to a stand. The longer they will hold it, the more are the chances for them to win. Bani targets Lopa first by throwing water and oil on her. Bani and Rohan then get vegetable oil and pour it on them. While Bani is putting curd on Lopa, she brushes against Manu as a result of which Manu’s hand gets displaced from the red mark. While Manu loses out on his chance in the game, Lopa and Manveer tirelessly work towards winning the task and withstand all the attacks. Manu gets upset with Lopa over this. Manu decides to stand there anyway to be a part of the game. Lopa keeps pushing the can of oil from Bani’s hand but she still keeps doing it. She even puts curd on Lopa’s head and dress.

They even break eggs on Lopa and Manveer’s helmet along with whipped cream. The contestants tell Lopa that she is out of the game but she refuses to budge. She leaves once Bigg Boss asks her to leave. Lopa loses her cool at Rohan and Bani and she tries protecting Manveer despite him asking her to leave. Manu asks everyone to keep pouring water on Manveer so he doesn’t feel too cold. Manveer starts shivering but still stands strongly. Lopa tries to snatch the rule book from Bani so she stops blowing air on Manveer. Manu takes the sheet of paper from her and lets her keep the file. Lopa discusses how disappointed she is with Rohan’s behaviour. Manu motivates Manveer to stay strong and the he does the task with a smile. Manu starts crying looking at his best friend’s state. But he still motivates Manveer to keep going on. Lopa, on the other hand, asks him to leave and not go through all of this as Rohan keeps pouring water on him. Manu and Manveer start singing to distract themselves.