Kangna Ranaunt Revels Shocking News About Bollywood


Kangana Ranaut is back again! And this time she made a very shocking revelation. The actress has claimed that she was warned by ‘big people’ to keep silent, when she decided to speak up on the Hrithik Roshan issue. Scroll down to know what she said about the Bollywood biggies.

She Was Threatened “I was called at big people’s houses. I was told if I open my mouth,They Will finished My Career.” But Kangana claims that ‘it doesn’t make any sense’ anymore. “That chapter is over for me. It is so done and dusted and it doesn’t hold any relevance in today’s time,” Kangana told PTI.

What Did She Do Then? “I had that (low) phase also but it did not frighten or threaten me because I knew I was not doing anything wrong.”

I See So Many Women Committing Suicide ”But the fighter instinct in me dominates every other instinct. I did not think twice. I see so many woman committing suicide and falling into depression and my only point is why do they fail to attack? I’m not saying strip others off their dignity too. But you have got to say no to the healer archetype. I am extremely bold. I sent a notice back. I did not take it lying down.” She added, ”I personally feel that women are made out to be a nurturer or a healer. We really over-identify with that archetype.