Justin Bieber jetted off to Johannesburg right after the Mumbai concert

justin mumbai

It’s bye bye Bieber! Right after Justin Bieber’s Mumbai concert, he was supposed to do some sight seeing. However, he decided to leave the country as the heat waves left him perspiring constantly. Remember how he simply couldn’t let go the turkish towel even during the gig? Well, it’s all because he couldn’t bear with the heat. As soon as the concert came to an end, while everybody was still starstruck by this hottie’s presence on Indian terrain, little did anyone expect him to disappear into thin air. Sources state that he left the city, correction, the country, after his concert as he couldn’t bear Mumbai’s hot and humid weather. What proves the source’s word is the fact that at the airport the previous night, we did catch the popstar go shirtless. He got out of the car, took off his shirt and left for Johannesburg.

For those who aren’t aware, the Grammy award winner’s next concert is scheduled to take place in Johannesburg, South Africa. While the exact date is May 14, we wonder if it was the heat that repelled Biebs’ plans to stay and do some exploring. Whatever happened to the Agra, Delhi itinerary! India was actually JB’s last leg of his Asia Purpose tour. It was also his first concert in India. Fans were swooning and crooning to his record hits. However, many of them were put off by the lip syncing. Considering how it was his first India concert, fans had high hopes from him.

 Perhaps the heat left Biebs tired and well, not in a state to deliver a better performance. Fans who attended the concert also pointed out how there was far too much of lip syncing and despite him dancing to some of the tracks, the steps weren’t complete. Basically, they were all unhappy with his gig. However, since he has promised that he will return, perhaps next time we can call him over somewhere during winter so he doesn’t have to go through this heat!