Hindi Medium Have Fantastic Story , Irrfan’s film emerges as the underdog winner


The recent release of a movie HINDI MEDIUM is turning to be one of the inspiring one. As it deals with the difficulties of most of the common families of INDIA . The story of the film revolves around the plot  that how much a family struggles for their daughter to get admission into an English medium school. The movie has an excellent begging .

The main hero of the movie Irrfan khan has given his best along with the co-actor Saba Qamar  who’s also performed her role proficiently well.

The movie turned out to be a combination of  drama and comedy with a pinch of aggression . Where the fingers has been pointed out towards the education system which require educated parents to get admission for their children into an English medium school.

The source of drama and conflict at the heart of Hindi Medium is one that a sizeable no. of parents would like relate to. This is very great and showed incredible performance by the lead actors. The presence Irrfan Khan made this movie watchable because of his remarkable acting.