Drake Is Completely Falling On His Chilhood Crush Jennifer Lopez


Musician Drake is completely falling at his childhood crush Jennifer Lopez. He is Enjoying the company of Jennnifer Lopez. A Sources tells that Drake is completely falling for J.Lo.

He has always had a crush on her growing up. The age gap is not an issue for him, because he digs an older woman. J.Lo. has always been into a younger man. Although there may be a couple of people in J.Lo’s ear, warning her to be carreful with her heart, but she actually isn’t too worried and also not to worried about Drake’s reputation nor that he will break her heart.

It’s little weird, but singer’s new attitude may have a lot to do with her years of experience in the relationship department. She’s been married, been madly in love, has two beautiful kids, and her career is strong.

Although J.Lo. and Drake “hit it off immedaitely and have been making incredibly electric music together,” It’still an surprising point where she doesn’t affects by Drake’s past. She is just having fun with a cute boy who treats her like a queen.

This is the first girl besides Rihanna in a While that is really into. Drake is looking for a strong relationship. The Newly pair spotted out together on numerous occasions, were most recently seen on New Year’s Eve. They are enjoying one another’s company. She’s gotten some reassurence from the”One Dance” rapper as well. Almost Without any fear they having fun together.