Did Parineeti Chopra lie about being poor for publicity ?


A guy who claimed that he went to Parineeti Chopra’s school has slammed her for her “fabricated sob story” about growing up poor.

At a recent event, Parineeti Chopra shared a touching story about her childhood struggles. The actor said that growing up, her family was poor and she could not afford a car to go to school.

Parineeti told about being eve-teased during her way to school on cycle, yes she as cycled to go to school every day, and how she has become a stronger person as a result of facing such struggles very early in her life.

However, if a guy supposedly from Parineeti’s school, is to be believed, the actor’s rags-to-riches story is a lie. Kkanoo Gupta took to Facebook to slam Parineeti for “lying through the teeth” about her impoverished background.

This is what he slammed?

“Shame…coming from a privileged background and lying through the teeth in front of camera. I guess this is what being a celebrity means. Create a fabricated sob story of no money no car he wrote.

He added, “Coming from the same school I probably also remember the car her father used to have. And going to school on a cycle was a trend those days and also a privilege not everyone had. My friends from CJM (Convent of Jesus and Mary) would probably understand the lies a bit better.

Controversies had always been a part of these superstars life.Sometimes sour sometimes bitter, but these celebrities  would always stay in heart of their fans.