Deana Uppal Will Be Seen In Role Of British Girl In ” Yeh Hai India”


” Yeh Hai India”  is an upcoming patriotic Bollywood film written and directed by Lom Harsh. It features Gavie Chahal, Deana Uppal in the lead roles. Music by Raja Hassan and Tapesh Panwar. G.K. Yogesh is the creative director of the film.

The movie is based on it’s writer’s real journey to several different countries and his observation on the thought and views of other people about india.

Yeh Hai India, follows the story of a 25 years old NRI, who is born and brought up in U.K and shares the same stereotype views of India, which is known for its vast population, pollution and poverty. However protagonist finds new development in media or probably an ‘other side of same coin of India, which is also known for successful mars mission in first attempt, a nation which proudly holds title ‘God of Cricket’ for Sachin Tendulkar, who is again an Indian and a nation which is known for its holy generosity with icons like Mother Teresa.

The film will be widely shot in Rajasthan, Bihar, Mumbai and in some parts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. First schedule are likely to be shot in Rajasthan.   Produced by Sandeep Choudhary under the banner of DLB Films Pvt. Ltd., Yeh Hai India is slated to release on 4th August.