Controversial Baba Swami Om Said I will break Salman Khan’s bones On Bigg Boss 10 finale


Trust former Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om Swami to make news. After getting kicked out of the house for throwing his pee on fellow contestant Bani Judge, Swami is hitting headlines again.

Salman, previously had clearly informed the makers that he will disassociate with the channel, if they get Priyanka Jagga back on the show. When Swami Om was thrown out of the Bigg Boss house a few weeks back, Salman was happy and lauded the channel’s decision.

But the controversial baba created a ruckus once outside the show. He made severe allegations against the show makers as well as Salman and claimed that he won’t let the grand finale happen if he’s not invited. There were reports on Tuesday which claimed Swami Om will indeed be a part of the finale. And that has irked Salman.

After he was asked by Bigg Boss to leave the show, Swami immediately went to the media and started making tall claims about the host and other contestants.

And now there is news that Salman has apparently refused to be a part of the show’s finale, thanks to Swami.