Chandra Nandini 20 May, 2017 Written Update of Full Episode

chandra nandni

Chandra Nandini begins with Nandini crying and dadi consoles her saying that Chandra is unaware of her reality that is why he behaved in that way. She says that she did not feel bad about her behaviour but about the fact that she is unable to help him. Dadi pacifies her an says she is proud of her. She gives medicine to Chhaya and moves out of the room.

Moora, Apama and Helena go to Vishakha and ask why is she not ready for haldi yet. She says she is sad that there is no relative of hers present today. Moora says Apama and Helena are there as her family. She hugs Apama and thanks her saying she is grateful to her. They order the maid to mix the haldi properly.  Moora says she wants the haldi to be  placed by Bindusara but Bindusara splashes it spraying it on Nandini and Chandra. Moora scolds her and sends her away saying nobody needs her. Chandra goes to change before haldi.

Nandini sees a maid crying because her hand is burnt due to mixing haldi and remembers her hand getting burnt due to Vishakha’s poison. She runs towards the ceremony and even though Moora telling her to go away  . She says she respects her but today she has to disobey her as it is the question of his life. She barges in and throws the haldi bowl and pours down the herb mixed water over chandra making Chandra and Moora both furious. Daadi says she deserves a chance to explain. She says there is poison in the haldi and Chandra asks how is she so sure. She tells the whole story about maid but Chandra refuses to believe. Vaidya is called and he confirms Nandini’s doubts by checking the haldi. A guard is caught by Chandra and he tells Nandini that he was sent by her father.

Later, Nandini is in her room without dupatta and Chandra comes in, he sees her and turns. She also tells him to turn around and talk and starts searching for her dupatta. He says how can he talk without looking at her, she tells him to go out then and wait for her to call him back. They have a playful argument when Chandra falls over Nandini on the bed. He swipes her hair away from her face and then gets up. He thanks her and she says that the guard captured is not the real culprit but Chandra says he accepted his fault