Bollywood’s Top 8 False Rumors That Shocked Everyone

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Celebs bear the burden of the controversies that people start, for fun, fame or simply on the name of it! Nobody thinks twice about the consequences it might lead to, the effect it makes on the stars’ personal lives and how their reputation is put at stake just to satisfy the false statements made by some goons, having nothing better to do with their lives.

You will definitely be amused to know that these 8 Bollywood controversies are not true and definitely nothing like you expected them to be.

That Shahrukh Khan & Priyanka Chopra are ‘Married’!


If there were an award for Leading The Most Controversial Life, then we are sure, our lovely Desi Girl, would have bagged them all every time! This time, it not only involves PeeCee, but they dragged Shahrukh in as well. Few sillies believed that PeeCee and King Khan had got married in a secret ceremony in Canada. Such a strange *ss controversy, I say!

Apparently, Seems Like Katrika Kaif Is Hiding Her True Identity!


I guess, someone’s hiding skeletons in her closet! Or maybe it’s just us people, looking for the ways to put a stain on the perfect beauty of Bollywood cinema, Katrina Kaif! The rumors stirred up about her being a daughter of a Kashmiri Businessman, and her name is also fabricated for making it more appealing, from Katrina Turquotte to Katrina Kaif.

Now That Everyone Says That Sonakshi Sinha Looks Like Reena Roy, We Wonder Who Her ‘Real’ Mother is?


Just because you resemble someone, doesn’t really makes you their kid, or does it? We are talking about the famous Sonakshi Sinha, who apparently does look like Reena Roy, her father’s ex-girlfriend. But that doesn’t make her Reena’s daughter. It is just the uncanny resemblance which started these rumors at the first place.

And Now Ajay Devgan & Kajol Has Parted Their Ways!

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It was believed that because Kangana and Ajay had an affair, they lived separately, meaning that Ajay Devgan and Kajol had parted their ways and living separate lives. Yes, like they have nothing else better left to do!

Seems Like This Beauty From Himachal, Kangana Ranaut Is Into Black Magic More Than She Is Into Acting


We can assure you that this can’t be any creepier than it already is, where Kangana’s Ex-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman outed Kangana for practicing Black Magic and feeding people food mixed with her menstrual blood to get a successful life and a career! I mean, come on people, get real. You could have thought of something better and more legitimate.