Bollywood Celebs Are Boycotting The Kapil Sharma Show, What Next?

kapil sharma show

‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is facing a continuous rift in its team. The revolt which was started by Sunil Grover has spread & carried on by other veterans of TKSS team. After Sunil Grover & Chandan Prabhakar, Ali Asgar & Sugandha Mishra are on board for not showing up for the shoot.

Even more shockingly, celebs from B-Town also seem to have boycotted TKSS as the aftermath of the ugly split in the team.

Sunil Grover took away the essence of the show!

It is safe to say that Sunil had a huge fan following & was the essence of the show. Without Mr. Gulati, the show lost its charm and appeal.

Rumors have it that there are conflicts between Kapil Sharma and Sony TV given the fact that Kapil has made a promise of some particular number of episodes; however, after his brawl with Sunil and other team members, it seems impossible.

Kapil self-destructed his show!

At one fell swoop, the situation was avoidable & Kapil could have taken the higher road. Stardom is something which calls for a new level of behavioral traits including respecting your veterans. What Kapil did was a move of self-destruction & brought his show into irreversible turmoil as Mr. Gulati is in no mood to come back even after Kapil’s apology.