Baahubali director SS Rajamouli regrets talking about Sridevi’s unreasonable demands on a public platform

ss & Sridevi

Sridevi was supposed to play the role that Ramya Krishnan eventually did. In an unguarded moment Baahubali director S S Rajamouli revealed in an interview that Sridevi had too many demands, financial and otherwise, and was therefore not part of the film.

Reacting strongly to this, Sridevi said, “First of all, I can’t believe he (Rajamouli) would talk like that. Secondly, I am not the kind to make any kind of demands. Whatever happened with Baahubali is in the past. Why are we talking about it now? There are so many roles that I’ve turned down in the past. I think it’s highly impolite to talk about the films you don’t do.”

When contacted, Rajamouli didn’t deny saying what he did about Sridevi’s absence in Baahubali. But he does regret talking about it in public. “As for whose version to believe, I guess it is for people to decide. But one thing is for sure. I shouldn’t have discussed the details on a public platform. That’s a mistake. And I regret it.”

Rajamouli expresses great regard for what Sridevi has achieved in Mumbai. “I have huge respect for Srideviji as a flag-bearer of the southern film industries in Mumbai for many years. I wish her all the best. And I wish Mom a big success as the trailer looks very intriguing and promising.”