Priyanka Chopra reveals she is still the ‘desi’ girl in Hollywood : Koffee With Karan Season 5


Priyanka Chopra made a presence on Koffee With Karan season 5 and the episode was aired last night. While PC was in her true element last night, Karan Johar too could not control giggling and gossiping with his desi girl. Priyanka Chopra’s fans back home who were yearning to catch a glimpse of her under the Indian skies, and hear her speak some Hindi and native English, were in for a treat in the latest episode of Koffee With Karan. No wonder, even Karan had a rather classic introduction for Priyanka, who has been the ‘biggest newsmaker’ in Bollywood last year.

No points for guessing, the episode started with Priyanka’s Hollywood debut Baywatch, her American series Quantico and how she has been twirling and stealing the limelight at every red carpet in the world. But while we expected it to be a show of Bollywood vs Hollywood, soon turned out to be a revelation session between the actor-director, who were at their sassiest best to speak about anything and everything.

Talking about Baywatch, Priyanka even hinted that her co-star Dwayne Johnson, might visit India for the promotions. PC compared Dwayne to Salman Khan. On being asked about how was he as a co-star and a person, she said, “He is very courteous.” She took Salman’s name for reference and explained how the Hollywood star, just like Bhaijaan, gives a gentleman feeling at a party and sits down for dinner with his entire family.

Well, now the exciting part. Priyanka soon came out of her guard and opened a lot of layers about a hell lot of things. Here are a few of them.


You are single till you get married

Priyanka had a convincing reply on being asked why she keeps her personal life under wraps. “I have never spoken about my personal stuff. The world will know when there’s a ring on the finger. Till then, I am single till I get married.” She asserted how proud she is that Indian female actors are proudly living their stardom irrespective of their pregnancy or wedding.

Priyanka had almost punched Karan Johar once

She proved that she is a no nonsense person. At least, that’s what KJo’s story proved to support her expression. Karan said, “I was supposed to be Mary Komed for groping you from behind.”

Talking about why Priyanka never spoke about her relationships or never thought to associate herself with biggies, the Quantico actor said, “A lot of things like that happened but it is no one’s business. There is no point of it  because you never know for how long it will remain. Nazar bhi lag jaati hai.”

The rapid fire round was modified into a Koffee shots round. Taking the famous tradition of the host giving shots to Priyanka forward, even Karan got her “drunk” but with a twist. He threw some no-bars attached questions about Priyanka’s personal life, to which she had no option but to reply honestly. Yes, immensely honest she was, so much so that she had to beg that she hopes her mother doesn’t watch the show!