Private Romance of Selena Gomez and The Weekend: Doesn’t Want To Be “The Next Bennifer”


We found out that Selena Gomez, 24 and The Weekend, 26, were dating via some every steamy pictures of the duo, glued to each other. TMZ spotted them togetther published pics of their lusty makeout sesh, and the Internet has been desperately seeking details on .

The Weekend is dead set on keeping his new relationship under wraps at all costs. “He wants to shut down all the extra stuff, he doesn’t want to be seen out and about everywhere with her and all over the news and social media as a couple.” he wants to be known as an artist and the relationship can thrive behind closed doors.

We cant’t even imagine what kind of magic is going to come out of that recording studio. No one knows yet, but one thing’s for sure they’re definitely making sweet music together. Everyone’s dying to know how their shocking romance started, so hopefully that’s something they’ll address!

Selena’s relationship have always been major news, While The Weekend managed to date Bella Hadid for over a yar with hardly any attention. The couple stayed off Instagram and out of the spotlight untill their split, and that’s how The Weekend wants his new love to be, too. good luck with that.